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1 brush pack
4 coloring psds
4 pattern sets
7 stock photos
2 texture packs

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Just a quick update.

Posted by: mayra on Jan 11 @ 3:14 am | 1 comment

So, if you haven’t noticed I have new layout up AGAIN. I just couldn’t stand to look at that previous layout anymore. The header made my stomach hurt every time I would visit wild-thorn and to be completely honest I didn’t know where I was going with this new header when I started making it on Photoshop. I always enjoy the coding part but I hate the design part. I can never be satisfied and end up hating it after a while. I do change layouts often (if you know me from my other site punkrose) I’m going to keep this one for a while thought because work is starting to get busy again and I wont have a lot of time to make new layouts. Maybe a few updates here and there.. talking about updates THAT is the reason why I’m trying to get as much as possible before the 19th! That’s when I start working over time and wont have time anymore until after April.

With that being said, I did update the brush section and added new patterns YAY! I hope you enjoy. Also added a tutorials section and stock photos. I have 1 tutorial up so far, & I’m going to try to make more soon! I just need to know what kind of stuff you guys want me to add/update. Before I make this any longer i’m going to stop here. Its 3:13am and Im still working on this website OPS!

New content + WordPress!

Posted by: mayra on Jan 02 @ 5:02 pm | 2 comments

Yay, so I really wanted to add wordpress on here so you can leave a comment when I “blog”. Of course I didn’t want to use WP for my whole site, so finally figured how to just use the blogging system on the index page. It required like 2 hours of my time and honestly I don’t know how i pulled it off with out any googling or tutorials LOL. If you were to ask me for help, it would take me another two hours to figure it out AGAIN cause I for sure did not make any notes on how to work that out.

I have been working on patterns for over a week now and I’m still not finished with all the images I scanned, work has me busy most of the time and with all the holidays on December I didn’t have time to sit here and work on them. I currently have 6 sets and I also added 4 packs of brushes. I hope you enjoy them, I will keep updating them next week so make sure to come back and check for updates.

I hope everyone had a great Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I cant believe 2015 is gone! It went super fast in my opinion, it wasn’t the best year for me or my family but so glad we made it through! My mom is finally finished with her chemo therapy and we couldn’t be any happier. As for me, I have more work at my job during the income tax season from Jan-April. I work 6 days and do over time a lot. I will probably update wildthorn less but I will for sure update all year long after that is over.

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